Recognition – Celebrating Successes

Recognition – Celebrating Successes

Throughout the span of your improvement efforts, there will be scores of occasions to recognize good work and progress – if you are looking for them. Identifying and seizing these opportunities should be very deliberate and not simply an ad hoc action that occurs occasionally.

A method we successfully deployed in organizations was establishing a monthly Continuous Improvement Meeting attended by department managers, team leaders and the site leader. In some organizations, frontline colleagues are also invited to these meetings, when possible.

This meeting is facilitated by the CI leader with the express purpose of:

  • Updating key site leaders on improvement efforts.
  • Aligning managers in support of projects.
  • Securing resources as needed.
  • Sharing best practices.
  • Fostering interest in improvement ideas.
  • Healthy competition.
  • Generating accountability and follow through.
  • Providing recognition for work well done.


Sample Continuous Improvement Meeting Agenda

Whether you choose a CI meeting as outlined above or create your own method and structure, grasp the importance of a regularly scheduled get-together to share progress, provide recognition, and inspire others. As colleagues see and hear what is occurring across your site, they too will be inspired and motivated.  David & Jim