Solutions Based Consultancy

David and Jim, the authors, are first and foremost Continuous Improvement Specialists working with organizations large and small. They are partners with Competitive Dynamics International a consultancy with clients in 80 countries, over 3200 worksites and 25 years of experience.
All organizations confront different challenges – “one size never fits all”. We listen to our clients and work together in a manner that supports your ongoing efforts and honors your wisdom and experience. We uncover the best course of action based on your requirements, our training, decades of experience and what we and others have learned. Together, we map out a plan.

Below are some examples of solutions our clients have found beneficial

The Five Keys Leader Training

The Five Keys Leader Training is based on our book and is specifically designed to prepare leaders, at all levels of your organization, to spearhead a sustainable, robust and thriving improvement focused culture.

The Leader Training is appropriate for all members of an organization who are responsible for leading and supporting continuous improvement initiatives. These individuals typically span from senior leaders to the front line.
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Mission-directed Work Teams

The Mission-directed Work Teams program (MDW) provides a simple and systemic framework transforming a traditional workplace into one with aligned goals and common purpose.

Teams are formed and function as their own mini-business that zero in on their customer needs and are empowered to meet them.
MDW has been successfully launched in over 2300 worksites around the world.

MDW is the only process linking front-line employees with Continuous Improvement actions
Each Day – Every Day!

Workshops / On-site or Virtual

We conduct a wide array of short and effective workshops suited to meet specific outcomes most beneficial to the organization. Workshop categories include Leadership, Process Improvement and People.

Our on-site or virtual workshops are customized to meet your specific requirements. Every training is led by a seasoned Operational Excellence Professional. Sessions are cost-effective based on the number of participants and length of training.Class size and duration are flexible.

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New Start – New Beginnings

Whether you call your program Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, Kaizen or something else, over time, the energy and commitment to improvement efforts can diminish. Very often it is a combination of factors or circumstances that have led to a setback.

Regardless of the cause, it is in the interest of your organization to the right the ship and re-invigorate the process. We specialize in assisting in this effort! Having over 25 years of hands-on experience and a client list of hundreds, we will work with you in rebuilding your program from where you are today, into the Improvement Program you desire.

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