Reader Feedback

This book is a fun read. It explores a little history, and then develops the elements, of continuous improvement, bringing it down to five basic keys. It includes a pair of case examples which help highlight and explain the five keys. I encourage individuals who are interested in establishing a sustainable basis of continuous improvement within their enterprise, to read through this book and be enlightened by it. You’re bound to get a perspective which will stretch you and which is new and interesting. Enjoy the read.

Dr. Gerhard Plenert, PhD
Former Missionary, Philippines San Pablo Mission,
Former Director of Executive Education,
The Shingo Prize Institute, Utah State University

Jim and David get to the core of Improvement with this book! They have taken their many years of experience and really hit the mark on what it takes to succeed with Improvement efforts in any organization. Through their use of examples and clear to understand principles, you too can achieve real sustainable improvements by applying this book to your Improvement journey! I would highly recommend the Five Keys for all leaders at any level in an organization to read this treasure and apply its many gems to your own Improvement efforts!

Jeff Watson, Sr. Engineer and Improvement/ISO 9001 Leader

Hats off to Jim and David McNeil for this practical and engaging contribution to the body of literature on process improvement. Having partnered with Jim for over two decades on a variety of strategic planning, visioning and leadership development initiatives, I know firsthand that the lessons shared in The Five Keys can support any organization committed to sustainable process improvement. In an era where “disruption” has become a constant consideration, this book is a welcome resource for any leader looking to gain a competitive edge.

Sukari Pinnock-Fitts, MSOD, PCC Shiftwork, LLC
Professor, Human Resources Masters Program, Georgetown
University, School of Continuing Studies


Throughout my career I have been involved with numerous continuous improvement initiatives. I have had the opportunity to work with both Jim and David McNeil and experienced their passion for Improvement and their understanding of techniques to unleash it within others. While many programs focus on lean principals, those technical skills are only a start. Jim and David have a way of teaching that sustainment only happens when you address the human element, “the culture”. This book covers the many facets which need to be understood to achieve transformation and be successful long term.
I would consider it a “must read for leaders looking to start a continuous improvement initiative or for those asking: are we getting the results we expect?”

Joseph W. Simkulak, CPA, CPIM
Chief Financial Officer, Intermetro Industries


Real world strategies for organizational change. This book is a must read for every leader committed to sustainable improvements.

Brian DeWyngaert, Chief of Staff,
American Federation of Government Employees

THE FIVE KEYS to Continuous Improvement: